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Buy Sell Easy


BuySellEasy was created to help you sell locally the things you love but no longer need. It’s a fun and happy way to sell, buy or trade your stuff with neighbors and friends.Creating a new BuySellEasy is a simple 3 step process:1. Take pictures of the item you want to sell2. Enter description and price3. Share on Facebook, Twitter and Google+
No hassle, No headaches, Simple.And it’s absolutely FREE.
So what more can you expect from BuySellEasy
Automatic item description – Writing long detailed descriptions is a huge pain. Once you enter the name of your item we bring the full item description for your review so that you won’t spend too much time on that, and your buyers will be super happy!
Price proposal – One of the hardest things in selling your stuff is the “for how much?” question. You want it to sell, but you don’t want to sell things for less than their worth. BuySellEasy gives you prices of similar items and calculates, based on the information you provide, what is the recommended price you should sell your item.
Location-Based marketplace – If you want to see what other people are selling, BuySellEasy brings you the best items sold in your area, and in your social circle.
In-app communication – BuySellEasy enables you to chat with sellers directly inside the app. No more annoying emails of phone calls. If you like something - start chatting now!
Finally, a personal message to our users: BuySellEasy is a brand new application, and this is our first version. We are eager to provide you with an amazing experience, and hope you will enjoy our app. If you experience issues or problems, please help us improve BuySellEasy by visiting our support website at
Permissions explained:
Like most apps, we ask for permissions on your device. These permissions are used to make the BuySellEasy experience everything it is. We would like to explain here why we need these permissions. Transparency creates trust.
Camera: We use the camera of your mobile phone or tablet to take photos of the things you want to sell. Then, we make these photos beautiful through filters.
Location: We use location information from your device to save you the trouble of telling us where the item is located. We NEVER disclose accurate location information, only an estimated one.
Storage: We use the internal memory of your mobile/tablet device to store photos and content from the BuySellEasy app. We NEVER access anything but these photos and content.
Accounts: When using BuySellEasy, you will be identified using the account registered on your mobile/tablet device. We NEVER store any passwords or transfer your details to any 3rd party. When you post on BuySellEasy, however, we present your email to potential buyers for communication.